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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  May 29, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"11 news saturday morning." i'm kerry cavanaugh. >> and i'm lisa robinson. good morning, john. >> as i like to say it is hard to string together a bunch of days in the summertime without a bunch of days mixed in there somewhere. we are doing that this weekend. it is kick-off summertime and people don't want to see rain. >> a cook-out. can we? >> i think so. unless your pool is heated, though. the water might be a little chilly. we are still trying to get out of spring and everything here. let's take a look at the radar, and we'll give you an idea of what we'll be dealing with, especially today. we still are dealing with the remnants of a weather system that hasn't quite cleared the area. most of us are giving it rain west of us and that's pushed on south. there are sprinkles and showers near the baltimore yamplete a few sprinkles up in cecil county at this point, and we've had a couple light showers in baltimore, but it is mostly in anne arundel county.
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that will be crossing the bay here in the next hour or two and moving toward the del mar va. also diminishing. the rain chances kind of push out of the area today and maybe try to sneak back into the end of the day. i'll detail that coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. stick around. >> our big story this morning, several investigations are underway this morning into the death of a baltimore county man tasered by police. >> the incident happened on i-25 during an investigation that turned violent. here's david collins with more. >> a visitor inside the home of 48-year-old carl johnson said his wife isn't up to talking. public records indicate she and johnson moved from new york to the winter mills community four years ago. neighbors describe them as very friendly and religious. this man of peace died from cardiac arrest after getting two jolts of a taser gun. >> this is not the way -- this
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is not the outcome we would have wanted. >> it began shortly after 8:00 p.m. on the beltway. a state trooper was investigating several 911 complaints regarding aggressive driving. callers said a 2004 toyota pick-up was wrecklessly crashing on the floor. authorities say johnson refused to cooperate and tried to accelerate away from the crash scene but became stuck. police say johnson yelled profanities. the trooper used pepper spray. two fired a taser gun. >> it was at this time that mr. johnson then started out of the fight a little bit, but enough to where officers could control him enough to where they could start to put hand cuffs on him. >> as police cuffed him, johnson became unresponsive.
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he went into cardiac arrest and later died at northwest hospital. neighbors say johnson worked in the computer field and was recently laid off. they said he had a history of die betic systems, and die betic shock is the only reason for the -- his behavior. >> he had a diabetic shock in winter and the ambulance couldn't get down the street. they had to go down and get him on a shred. >> carl is a family man, a great man and neighbor. a very quiet guy. >> the state trooper and two baltimore county officers were treated and released from the hospital. the officers involved in the tasering 0 are on paid leave leave. >> a harford county man. 41-year-old todd harris of edgewood is charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping.
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both kids alerted their parents who then contacted police. harris was found in edgewood. police took him back to the store where he was positively identified by the kids. >> a baltimore county massage parlor is busted after an undercover police officer said he was offered sex for money. the arrests made in the case and the charges the owner now faces. >> baltimore county place confiscated the business signs and shut down the jasmine pearl wellness center in timonium. a three-month investigation found this was an unlicensed massage parlor. the raid wednesday happened after an undercover detective went into seeking a massage. >> the detectives went up as an undercover. he was offered a massage and was also offered sexual acts. >> the business owner, allen david brown, was arrested and charged with prostitution.
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investigators believe he harbored women. >> these are asian women. they are coming there and performing something, living there. they are receiving very little compeng. all that expense is going for mr. brown. that is in and of itself is how these women come to this business is an aspect of that trafficking. >> brown told police he was the only employee of jasmine pearl. the other girls working there were contracted by him. he received $40 for every client he would see. he allowed the females to set up residency. the detective paid $67 per massage. she allegedly offered to prm a sexual act on the undercover officer. she's charged with prostitution and practicing massage therapy without a license. police say the human trafficking allegation is a major concern. >> why he is getting people here to become basically indentured? >> a neighboring business owner doesn't want us to identify him.
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he said the massage parlor was a huge nuisance. >> everybody and anybody. men. they park all over the place. knocking on the door. >> others in the neighborhood say they were fed up. >> us neighbors got together and did what we could do to get them out of here. we're glad they are gone. we are sorry to hear they moved over there. there is nothing we could do -- i'm glad there was a raid over there finally, though. that's a good thing. >> police also raided brown's home in frederick. as the investigation continues, police tell us brown faces more charges. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the thomas of charles leggs junior has been moved from charles county to cecil county. leggs is charged with the kidnapping and murdering of a 7-year-old girl. prosecutors have announced their intention to seek the death penalty. foxhill was kidnapped from her
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home on december 22. her body was found on christmas day. leggs is a registered sex offender. >> a east baltimore man indicted for the murder of his 2-year-old daughter. he allegedly beat his daughter unconscious with a belt according to court documents because she allowed one of the family dogs into the house. hamber will be back in court next month. >> governor o'malley's 18-year-old daughter is resting at home after she was briefly hospitalized. tara o'malley was found unconscious on a sidewalk in downtown baltimore. >> 18-year-old tara o'malley seen here at her father's gubetorle race graduated from notre dame prep this week. tara attended a graduation party thursday afternoon. around 7:30 thursday night a baltimore county police officer found the governor's daughter lying on the sidewalk on the 700 block of light sfreet.
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according to the police report, she appeared to be unconscious. a fire department spokesman said around the same time, medics responded to the location saying someone was suffering from alcohol poisoning. she was transported to the hospital where she was treated and released. the state first lady said governor o'malley and i would like to thank our friends who expressed their well wishes after tara became ill. she returned home last night and is feeling much better. as we deal with this family matter and treat it as a teachable moment we thank the public for respecting our privacy and we ask all children to be safe this holiday season. >> tara is the second of the o'malley's four children. >> memorial day weekend is usually a low key time for the baltimore area but not this
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weekend. both the men and women's nene championships are -- ncaa championships are in town this weekend. that means big bucks for area hotels and restaurants. lowell melser has more. >> all hands on deck for the weekend. >> over at the renaissance harbor place hotel they are sold out, most with those who made a long weekend over the men's ncaa lacrosse tournament, which is good news. >> with the championships in town, it guarantees a sell-out for the entire stadium. >> i can feel the business! i can feel it! >> cory said he has as many oysters on hand as needed for the event. >> the more customers the better. we're hoping it brings in a lot of people. >> we've been here a few days and checked out hopkins and a couple other colleges. love the city. checking it out. >> we found fans from all over the country, like spencer harper
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from phoenix, arizona. >> what is the big trend here is lacrosse -- >> terry hasseltine said back in 2007 when his office helped bring the tournament to m&t stadium attendance exceeded expectations, this year wlile there are no division one teams from maryland officials are expecting to generate more than $21 million in business and host more than 120,000 fans which bodes well for maryland to get the tournament again and again. >> we will continue to have the dial-out for being the home for the men's lacrosse championship. >> lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you plan on going to m&t stadium, or if you plan on celebrating at home, you can upload pictures to our web site. go to and click on "you local." >> one of the ideas for closing
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the maryland budget shortfall is stopped in its tracks. the proposal to tax cable tv was withdrawn once lawyers called it illegal under federal law. >> there was disappointment among me and my colleagues because we hoped this would generate a mim of $5 million a year -- minimum of $5 million a year. >> this was the latest of the budget proposals to fall apart in city hall. city council will hold another meeting june 7 to brain storm for more dwrds. a final vote on the sbedge due june 24. they must agree on a budget by the end of june. >> the time is 6 will have 11. coming up, vice president joe biden comes to annapolis full of praise for naval academy graduates. 11 news is there. >> this year more americans are getting out of the house and hitting the road. what's driving uptick in travel. >> first, hires live check
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>> good morning. 6:14. it is a saturday morning. we're starting with clouds and a touch of fog, and a couple showers out there here and there. take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. you can see shower activity out over the bay just to the southeast of town. between rock hall and annapolis. southward, along anne arundel
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and carroll county down to st. mary's county, that's light shower activity moving to the southeast. also a few sprinkles over cecil county. the green you see over in the district of columbia, false echos are coming from the radar site. we call it anomalous prop gation. a lot of that will disappear. over the jersey shore, in case you are headed that way, a patch of -- there are breaks in the clouds. humidity is up a little bit. 67 at the airport for the temperature, the air temperature. 69 the inner harbor. we're still trying to get a weather system through the area. if we get it flu the area, the rain chances will diminish. a sampling of temperatures elsewhere. 66 at annapolis. 63 at easton and cambridge. right on the boardwalk, 60.
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west minister 64. hagse down 69. western maryland, oakland, checks in with 65 degrees right now. satellite image. a little hard on the infrared image to see these low clouds. covering the region. clear spots over the lower eastern shore and a few breaks in the clouds over us as well in central virginia. the heavier clouds have moved to the south. there is still a little weak weather disturbance that has to come through. a cool front will sweep across the area, but we're on the tail end of it. we will get the full energy of that. because of the moisture and air and everything else, as this starts to mower through toward evening, it might center stir the atmosphere up enough to generate a shower or two. primarily it looks like rain chances will be -- this first
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week of summer, summer break, we still have a mix of clouds and shun shine. a rumble of thunder. the best chance will be early. temperatures will be in the mid -70's. 76 the predominant high. we expect a rumble of thunder. the insta- weather futurecast shows a spotty chance. this isn't a huge threat. don't change your plans because of it. we will see sun trying to burn through. as we get into sunday, it looks better. we will see more sunine and humidity and heat. there might be showers to the south of us. then monday by afternoon and
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evening a few isolated storms could crop up. it will be a hot and humid day. 87 sunday and 90 on monday. today's rain chances will be going down. an isolated thundershower could crop up on monday. kind of a sticky, steamy summer-like day on memorial day. tuesday scattered storms as well as thursday and friday. >> stay-cation? for get about it. this year vacations are back in style. >> what that means for your travel plans and bank accounts coming up in consumer alert. >> the u.s. naval academy of class 2010 is graduating. detames next. >> lighter how the oil spill is tasking crab
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>> summer travel will be taking off. aaa estimates americans who put off the vacation last year due to the recession are ready to venture out. >> so you are going to have budget travelers who may have sat on the sidelines last year enter back into the travel fray this year. >> but the economy is still weighing on the minds and wallets of travelers who will spend lesson hotels, rental cars, and eating out. >> the majority of travelers will drive this summer thanks to declining gas prices. parks and beaches will again be a traditional favorite. >> after the breeze goes by, are you good to go. >> besides state cutbacks and
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higher fees at some parks. >> these are -- decisions are based on a puppy rather than the price of gas. >> when it comes to flying, the airlines are in the driver's seat. demand is up. the new of flights and available seats remains unchanged from last year. >> a lot of people are expecting summer fairs. they saw one every week last year. this year we have not seen any summer sales. >> instead, the five major carriers have added a surcharge on peak days or every day of summer except july 4 when travel is slow. >> i think any time you start hitting the summer travel season, it is going to be -- they are going to jack up the price yists. >> experts say last-minute travelers not set on specific destinations may have the best luck planning that summer get-away. >> and aaa adds this year's travel forecast would be even higher, but the ongoing oil
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spill in the gulf is keeping many americans away from the southern coastal area. >> don't go away, we have much more news coming up. first, a look at events going on around town this holiday weekend.
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>> it's a big day for the 128 graduates whose families packed the stands coming from all over the nation and all over the world to bare witness.
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for loved ones, it is quite emotional. >> it means four hard years of work. >> i'm so excited. >> for graduation, vice president joe biden gave the commencement address, and in doing so he talked about what it means to be a naval academy graduate, especially for the 11 women who will be the first females to serve aboard submarines. >> you 11 submariners will inspire our daughters and granddaughters to serve our countries in ways northeast never thought they could before. >> some of the graduates will be deployed. all are excited about their futures. >> i really get to start doing something and helping the country more rather than just going to school.
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>> i'm going to be going to japan on a destroyer, the seadom, soism very exsite. a little apprehensive to be moving so far, but it is exciting. >> i've always felt it is everybody's duty, especially in this these times. we're looking forward to do what i can to serve the country. >> congratulations to the class of 2010. in annapolis, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> congratulations to them all. >> they must have been melting in those uniforms. >> right now, 6:28. 67 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> and a look at the life of gary coleman who died jth yesterday at the age of 42. >> and the latest to stop that oil leak in the gulf of mexico.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." >> today we have to ride the fence because we still have to get a cool front to pass through the area.
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a little moisture in here. as long as it is here, it might stir something up. the chances more rain will be backing -- the chances for rain will be backing off as we go deeper and deeper into the day today. a big piece of the weekend is going to be just fine. we have a threat of rain hanging over our heads. on our live h.d. doppler radar, you can see a few sprinklings up in cecil county, and up across the bay, around rock hall, there are sprinkles and showers. that crosses the bay to around annapolis and down into calvert county at this point. a few light showers. what you see over the district of columbia are false echos coming from the area. there are clouds. there is a glimmer of sunshine and decent weather to start this first weekend unofficially at summertime. stick around. >> now to the latest on the oil smill in the gulf. bp officials say it could be 40
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hours before they know if -- they say the blown-out wall in the gulf floor says the repain -- remains. >> hopefully it will be successful. >> meanwhile, b.p. is preparing a back-up plan to try to determine if the top kill effort does not work. >> more maryland blue crabs will be for sale, but you will still find most crab houses this -- selling louisiana crabs as well. are they safe to eat? rob roblin has some answers. >> these are louisiana crabs coming out of the box right now. >> we're not going to let
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anything get out of louisiana that's bad. >> don hubbard wants everyone to know that the crabs coming out of louisiana are fine. >> as these areas, if they show positive, then they shut the areas down. >> don has been in the business for 37 years, and lots of his crabs come from louisiana and north carolina. and every crab he sales is checked and looked at personally. >> we don't want people to get the idea that there is something wrong with these crabs, that there is oil in these crabs. there is absolutely no problem with these crabs whatsoever. >> at al's seafood they are selling crabs from mded md and louisiana and this time of year, there is a big size difference. >> these are marked maryland jumbos. >> al says all the crabs from
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louisiana are just fine. >> people are concerned. you getting in some louisiana crabs. how do they look. >> they look fine. >> the if the f.d.a. would not allow bad products to leave louisiana. shrimps, crabs, fish. anything. >> they are packed with meat right now. >> and these are maryland crabs. >> yes. these are all marylands here. >> tony walters from fruitland sells louisiana crabs. he said all of his crabs prefer the wide maryland crabs. >> they want the maryland crab. >> you can have a billion louisiana crabs, but you want maryland. they have the mustard in them. >> what about the price of crabs from this memorial day weekend. >> how are the prices. >> it is memorial day. they are always a little higher on a holiday. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news, 11 news.
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>> sad news from the entertainment world. actor gary coleman has died. you may know him from the show "different strokes." he suffered an intracranial hem radges on friday. he was 42 years old. you can read more about his life by visiting our web site at >> a stir around the world shows a 2-year-old boy in indonesia who smokes 40 cigarettes a day. the boy's father pays $5 every day for two packs of his son's favorite brand, and if he doesn't get his nicotine fix, his family said he goes into a range. he started smoking at the age of 18 months.
6:36 am
the mother said he doesn't see anything wrong with his son's smoking and that he's perfectly healthy. >> he needs to quit. [laughing] >> stay with us. much more news straight ahead. >> it should be a beautiful weekend, and golf lovers will be out in force. coming up, a way you can hit balls for a good cause. >> so far the heaviest rain in the past day or so has been to our west and south. you can get it out of the picture almost entirely for the weekend. weekend. th we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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>> our live h.d. doppler radar has a little activity or not it. a few sprinkles up in cecil county. circle the city in case you have a hard time navigating the map. here we are in the baltimore beltway. you can see the cecil county sprinkles. across the bay, right across the bay from the city in annapolis, kingstown, centreville, a shower approaching kent island. showers over anne arundel county down toward calvert county at this time. and all moving out toward the bay and onto the eastern shore. it doesn't amount to anything, so it is not enough to stop you from having a good time. more showers could crop up today, but rain chances are in general diminishing today, but then we'll stay down most of the weekend. that's good news. let's look outside.
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temperatures around the state show annapolis at 66. 63 in easton and cambridge. readings haven't changed all that much. on the boardwalk it is 60. hagerstown 69. 65 in oakland out to the west. a fair share of clouds around us. this morning, low clouds. it might even be a patch or two of fog out there. we are still dealing with this little weather disturbance up to the north. this still has to sweep through during the day today and this evening. and even though we're not going to be the prime target because there will be much more rain in new england with this, there is enough moisture in the air that has he's features pass through, it might produce a shower or rumble of thunder. chances in general are going down today. out to the west, there is not much, at least for a while. our forecast for today, a mix of clouds and sun trying to mix in.
6:41 am
a few showers best chance early on today and this afternoon. southeast winds 5 to 10. 75 to 80 for the high. that will depend on the sun trying to breakthrough. boaters in the bay trying to breakthrough. these bay water temperatures are up around 70 or so. at least in the shallow water. insta- weather futurecast shows this rain chance a little spotty isolated stuff during the day today and still a fair share of clouds. a tendency to try to get breaks in the clouds today. sunday looks good. maybe something south of us sunday, but in baltimore, fine. on monday, we could pop an isolated thundershower especially toward the end of next weather system approaches. or four cast, 76 today. looks like a dry day. maybe an isolated storm late memorial day. hazy, hot, and shumed with rain chances tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. rain chance today about 73 the high. sunday and monday look dry with
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high temperatures in the low 80's. not bad. >> earlier this month, a puppy was beaten at a baltimore city golf course. now a company that manages that course is taking angs to prevent animal abuse. jennifer franciotti has more. >> at the pine ridge golf course in lut hefmentville, deborah from baltimore's animal care and rescue takes 6-month-old jennifer to a walsh. this is in much better shape than the lab mix beaten to death on a golf course. >> it happened on ap area of the cours that we don't use anymore. >> tom >> for ream -- on sard to subpoenaed, for a $5 donation we
6:43 am
have a chance to win prizes. >> it will a par 3 on each table. there will be a volunteer from barcs to be here. that way the person that comes in first and we'll know who comes in second. >> we're hoping to get at least about $5,000. anybody that donates will put their name in and have a chance to win golf balls. one of the both things about event, you don't have to be a good golfer to participate. >> you can be anybody. just come out to support a good cause. >> first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." candace grasso tells us how to change your body, change your mind. how are you? >> i am feeling good. the neck brace is off. i'm going from here to teach a spin lass at lifetime fitness.
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i'm feeling good, yes. >> you say change your body by changing your mind. >> yeah. this is really important to me. at this point i'm doing so much work in nutrition and i'm grateful for it. but we're starting to see more and more issues of excuses. i was watching a special on cnbc that called one nation obese, and they were talking about the junk food industry and how it's their fault. we have to change how we think. if you can't see it, you can't achieve it. it's so true. >> so you're saying take responsibility for the problem? >> take responsibility for the problem, number one. i understand. there is no judgment. it is an issue. we can all fall into it. i was very heavy, 189 when my second child was born. >> it's important to do that because you can't change it if
6:48 am
you don't acknowledge it. people will say, one lady was 500 pounds on the television show i watched. she said it was from a spider bite. it wasn't from a spider bilet. that might have slowed her down, but it didn't cause it. people will say, as soon as -- you've heard that before -- as soon as -- you stick anything in there. then i'll start working out. as soon as my kids go to camp, i can focus on eating right. >> you take that out and be in the moment and make it happen now. >> focus on today only. >> absolutely. yeah. and then saying "should." take it out of your vocabulary. that's the mother of guilt. guilt is -- instead replace it with the word "will." i will go for a walk later. i will eat healthier today.
6:49 am
>> you say do something different. >> yes, i had a client who called me today and said, i know i have done poorly this spring. i'm going to start -- and she said south beach again. this woman has done that for about 15 years now. i said if you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, that's what we call our definition of insanity. you have to try something differ. do it now. don't wait for another time, and really take responsibility for if it doesn't work, don't say, south beach didn't work. say, i didn't work it. so how we talk to ourselves really makes a difference in ow we will achieve it. >> good stuff. she's going to be doing something different now. >> i saw her on thursday. >> if you would like to get in touch with candace, call her at 410-960-0403.
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>> coming up this morning on "today" it has been two days since b.p. began a risky effort to stop the gushing oil well in the gulf. is it working? if it dunts, what's next? meanwhile, we're talking about the fear factor keeping many people away from gulf beaches, even though most have not seen any oil damage. >> then plenty of people expecting to hit the roads this holiday season. and something we look forward to on memorial day weekend. it is our annual tug-of-war. weekend today takes on the members ever marines and navy. who will take home the prize? you will have to find out when we see you a bit later on
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>> as we pull into memorial day weekend, the orioles seem to be putting together the least memorable season in history. no runs at all. the pitcher striking out
6:54 am
patterson. here's a highlight that sums up the season. jose batista to right field. nick marcacus off the wall. relay throw to miguel tejada. batista goes in for the run. not really an inside-the-park home run. it is a double with two errors. kevin millwood still does not have a run. aaron hill sends this one to the seats in left field. o's shut out at toronto. 5-0 the final. and we have just started the summertime. well, maryland senior kaitlyn mcfadden, star of the women's lacrosse team, knows how to celebrate a birthday. she celebrates it with a trip to the national team. she had her offense in high gear at united stadium.
6:55 am
maryland and serious. -- and syracuse. terps led 6-1 at half time. second half, maryland again on the offensive. sarah mollison sets up mcfadden. mcfadden with the goal. then syracuse started to heat up on offense. the orange went on a three-goal tear. michelle with the goal from the right side of the net. pulled the orange to within three. but then maryland goes on a six-goal binge. mcfadden on the attack. maryland hits goals. the terps win it knocking off syracuse 14-5. they now face north western. >> this teem continued to push
6:56 am
back and they fought even when they were tired. i think that's a credit to their hard work and dedication to try to make it to this chance to compete on sunday. it really showed tonight. [inaudible] >> men's final four gets underway today. lacrosse season stretches until neck week. we want to see the photos from your team's lacrosse team. you can share them on our web site at click on sports and follow the link to "lac-splash." >> knocked off the magic last night. celtics take the eastern conference final and await their opponent in the finals. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your memorial day weekend is off to a fantastic start! >> that's all the time we have
6:57 am
now. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes for a live update. >> did you know the -- the economic downturn has changed the world. everyone seems to be grappling with the fallout except the baltimore city council. with a $21 million budget deficit looming overhead the mayor has determined it is no longer business as usual and proposed a new series of taxes. this includes a four-cent bottle
6:58 am
tax and layoff of city employees. it is a bitter pill for the council, but a show of unity by nine council members, there is no alternative plan to address the deficit. baltimore city is addressing critical services including police and fire departments. and of course, the loss of jobs. the mayor is taking a business-like approach to the matters at hand. the city council seems to be holding out hope to a miracle solution. simply, the math does not work. it is time for the city council to make the hard decisions and do what's best for the long-term vieability for the city, putting political differences and special interest groups aside is the first step. finding common ground and working toward a practical ground is -- solution that is
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